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Haunted House Attractions And Other Scary Attractions for Halloween


With the end of summer comes a time that takes different effects on people as the youth begin another school year but for some, this signifies that Halloween is around the corner. The official holiday is only one night but for some fanatics, the whole month should be Halloween month. This is when you can get time to do some costume shopping, or watching horror movies but for some, it is visiting scary haunted houses.


There are numerous haunted house texas that will surely send chills up your spine. The dark hour haunted house is just the best place to begin. Haunted by malicious witches of the dark hour convent. This haunted house has its most splendid feature as the cemetery right in front of the house. With the exception of January, this haunted house gives scary tours all year round.


Haunted house houston owes its reputation to the nasty scary stuff you thought you had not seen. It's called 13th floor and the burial ground is the basement of this antique building believed to have held captive victims of experiments. The tunnels underground it will lead to the void. A cold dark and very creepy space with all sorts of creature lurking in the dark. I advise that if you opt for this option, just bring an extra pair of underpants, you may need it.


The house of torment, as its name suggests will thrill you even more. It has even won itself some awards for being quite scary. Be warned guys. The clowns here have reigned over the slaughter house and call it laughter-house. They get their power from your screams. You are advised to remain calm or fall victim of their treachery. The trip across the pumpkin vines here is paramount lest you get cursed by the coven. The dead end district is a ghost town with half insect creatures devouring anyone who comes along. This might just be the place if you are looking to have a great time.


Houston terror dome is another option for you. It has high-quality props that look very life-like. Haunted by demonic demons and flesh-eating zombies, it is downright terrifying. Located at an abandoned meat plant, Fort Worth cutting edge is quite intense. If you are out to scare your date mate, this is the place for you. It has a reputation of grinding humans to be eaten as meals. This and many other haunted houses in Texas will surely be worth every penny. The competition to outdo one another has made them quite an attraction. Flavor up your Halloween season and give yourself an experience you'll tell all year round. For more facts and information about halloween, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_4448522_build-haunted-house.html.